A full day working closely with a Mojo race technician designed to optimise your bike and suspension set-up. Based at Bike Park Wales utilising the uplift facilities and the full range of trails. This will mean a quick turnaround to allow riders to verify and try the changes implemented immediately. The quicker the turnaround the quicker the testing process, the further towards the perfect set-up we can get in a day.


The Mojo Pro-Bike clinic will be an incremental testing process similar to the testing sessions we do with racers of all abilities. Whether it’s the Mojo Enduro team on our local trails or Fabien Barel DH or enduro testing on epic trails in Italy it’s a similar process. We will change something (based on rider feedback and our years of experience and knowledge!), test that change and evaluate the results with more rider feedback or the stopwatch – whichever is most relevant.


pic43 riders per technician to allow changes to be tested and implemented in a staggered format. Bikes being worked on and bikes being ridden by the customers in rotation.


We’ll work closely with the riders to ascertain exactly what is needed and then test each set-up to verify its success and to decide how best to progress. We fully understand that there is always a compromise to be struck between performance and comfort. However, during enduro testing with Fabien Barel in the last few years we’ve learnt a few tricks that allow us to get a good compromise between the two. A few years ago all we had to do was make his DH bike handle at its maximum and he simply trained to hang onto it! Of course with a 50km EWS loop and up to an hour of racing over the weekend on a lightweight six inch travel bike we have to build in more comfort.


pic3So whether you are a seasoned DH racer, an enduro competitor, a Strava warrior or simply a rider looking for that edge to move your performance onwards. Get in touch!


£400 per rider per day to include all suspension work and service parts, uplift and lunch. Tuning parts used will be charged on top because each rider's needs will be different! We envisage a £50 front, £50 rear charge would be typical, slightly more if more work needs doing, slightly less if the set-up is already close.